iConvert 1.0.0

A dead simple video converter for your iDevice


  • Dead simple interface
  • Converts video for iPad, iPhone, and iPod
  • Ability to convert to audio only


  • Degradation in video quality


iConvert is a super simple video converter for your iOS devices. It just works!

iConvert is the free version of iConvert HD, which gives the user a few more handy options for adjusting video quality and batch conversion. While free, iConvert is still a fully functional video converter for your Mac. Just drag and drop a video file into the window, check if you want the video imported into iTunes to sync to your devices, choose a device, and hit convert.

Conversions are decently quick but the main point of iConvert is its simplicity. While programs like Handbrake do the same thing, its plethora of options may be intimidating for the average user. iConvert is a great video conversion program for those who don't want to think about or fuss over quality options.

Speaking of quality, videos converted fine but there was a noticeable degradation in quality. This is to be expected as superior quality is one of the features of the paid iConvert HD app.

Overall, iConvert does the job and makes converting video for use on your iDevices into a single click affair.



iConvert 1.0.0

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